This is the first in a series to recap our Winter up at the Bonnie Belle Cabin. Since we didn't have a blog or even a website this past winter nothing was posted, and thats just a shame. So here we go. I will recap some events from the past winter starting with the Dragon Optics trip. The Mythical Creature swooped in with Scotty Arnold, Zach Siebert, Tom Pelly and of course AP Walker for a week of riding and shooting. Tom being from Australia we also worked on a full Feature Magazine story for Australia & NZ Snowboarding Magazine. Everyone in the group was hyped on the place and in the end didn't want to leave. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and eventually we made our way out. Here are some photos from the trip to peep. Enjoy!

Pashley is a team player. I mean Team Manager. I guess the two go hand in hand. So we just gotta get up there eh?

The crew stoked to make some turns.

Day one is a wrap.

Tom Pelly. Slasher.


One for the homies?

The Thiokol Snowcat.


Scotty checkin the landing..

Scotty sending.

A true Woodsman? Maybe...

Scotty's best turn ever...

Sick pillow line by Siebert.

Nice set up Pash...

Good steez Pash.


Thanks good for 18".

Digging out the next day. This may have been the only photo taken cause we just soul shredded all day!

Scotty burned his boot on the wood stove. Woodsman status revoked.

A little duct tape will go a long way. Scotty shredded the whole last day with a duct taped boot. Good steee.

Good night!