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Feature story in Onboard Magazine

10 page story just dropped in Onboard (Europe's biggest snowboard magazine) about Silverton and the Bonnie Belle cabin. Thanks to Dragon once again and Sami at Onboard for coming out. Check it out below....

All Photos: Sami Tuoriniemi



Dragon APX R&D

Dragon was posted up at the Bonnie Belle for a good chunk of the 2011 winter testing their new goggle, the APX. Check the video below for more....



TW Biz

We've partnered with Dragon and they spend some time down here in January. Check the full story by clicking here.



Two Covers, Two Magazines....One amazing place

The Bonnie Belle is blowing up! Two covers, in two magazines, in one month!!! Its all right here at the Bonnie Belle Cabin folks. Dates are booking up quick this winter. You had better get on it if you want to book a trip this winter. Book your trip at Snow is in the forecast too. Things are shaping up to be another great year!!!

SNOWBOARDER Magazine's 2011 Photo Annual cover featuring Scotty Arnold just around the bend from the Bonnie Belle Cabin.

Co Owner Skylar Holgate featured on the cover of Colorado's latest issue of SNOWBOARD COLORADO. This is just the front yard too...

All Photography by Aaron Dodds



Solar Power

We are officially harnessing the suns rays up at the Bonnie Belle Cabin. Learning a bit about how solar power works and especially how well it works at 12,000 feet has been a great experience. It sounds like we can go weeks without sun and be just fine. We'll be sure to give it a good test this winter. We might even leave the lights on while we go shred all day! Book your trip today,



The Dragon's Lair

Last winter Dragon Optics rolled through TMH and the Bonnie Belle Cabin to shoot a story for Australia & NZ Snowboarding Magazine. Well it just came out, so of course we had to post it.

Words and Photos by: Aaron Dodds



Roxy Ad shot here at the Bonnie Belle Cabin

Last April Robyn Van Gyn who rides for Roxy as well as Raewyn Reid who rides for DC came up to the ole Bonnie Belle Cabin to try and crank out a few late season ad photos. Well it looks like Roxy's ad of Robyn just came out and two of the three photos ran are right out the front door from the Bonnie Belle Cabin. Take a peak.....

Photos by Aaron Dodds at the Bonnie Belle Cabin, except lower left.



Holy Sheep!!

Spent one night up at the ole Bonnie Belle Cabin and the sheep hearding that happens every summer is in full swing. Pretty cool to check out. Looks more like New Zealand than Colorado but thats what is special about the Bonnie Belle Cabin and Silverton, Colorado. They aren't typical....




This is the first in a series to recap our Winter up at the Bonnie Belle Cabin. Since we didn't have a blog or even a website this past winter nothing was posted, and thats just a shame. So here we go. I will recap some events from the past winter starting with the Dragon Optics trip. The Mythical Creature swooped in with Scotty Arnold, Zach Siebert, Tom Pelly and of course AP Walker for a week of riding and shooting. Tom being from Australia we also worked on a full Feature Magazine story for Australia & NZ Snowboarding Magazine. Everyone in the group was hyped on the place and in the end didn't want to leave. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and eventually we made our way out. Here are some photos from the trip to peep. Enjoy!

Pashley is a team player. I mean Team Manager. I guess the two go hand in hand. So we just gotta get up there eh?

The crew stoked to make some turns.

Day one is a wrap.

Tom Pelly. Slasher.


One for the homies?

The Thiokol Snowcat.


Scotty checkin the landing..

Scotty sending.

A true Woodsman? Maybe...

Scotty's best turn ever...

Sick pillow line by Siebert.

Nice set up Pash...

Good steez Pash.


Thanks good for 18".

Digging out the next day. This may have been the only photo taken cause we just soul shredded all day!

Scotty burned his boot on the wood stove. Woodsman status revoked.

A little duct tape will go a long way. Scotty shredded the whole last day with a duct taped boot. Good steee.

Good night!



4th Of July

It was a 4th of July to remember in Silverton and at The Bonnie Belle Cabin. After the spectacular Town of Silverton fireworks display (if you think I'm joking then you just gotta see it first hand), Aftergrass took center stage at the Bonnie Belle and rocked through the night. Sun, snow and wind, we saw it all this weekend. Really just typical mountain weather. Nothing too unusual there. Horseshoes were tossed, guns were fired and whiskey was consumed. Again, nothing to out of the ordinary for 12,000 feet above sea level. Enjoy a couple photos from the weekend. Unfortunately I stopped shooting once it got dark. Sorry, no fireworks or Aftergrass photos.....

The calm before the storm. July 3rd.

Wildflowers and the Bonnie Belle

The view of the Bonnie Belle from just up the road a bit.

More of the same at 12,000 feet.


The pre party


From this.....

To this in about an hour.