It was a 4th of July to remember in Silverton and at The Bonnie Belle Cabin. After the spectacular Town of Silverton fireworks display (if you think I'm joking then you just gotta see it first hand), Aftergrass took center stage at the Bonnie Belle and rocked through the night. Sun, snow and wind, we saw it all this weekend. Really just typical mountain weather. Nothing too unusual there. Horseshoes were tossed, guns were fired and whiskey was consumed. Again, nothing to out of the ordinary for 12,000 feet above sea level. Enjoy a couple photos from the weekend. Unfortunately I stopped shooting once it got dark. Sorry, no fireworks or Aftergrass photos.....

The calm before the storm. July 3rd.

Wildflowers and the Bonnie Belle

The view of the Bonnie Belle from just up the road a bit.

More of the same at 12,000 feet.


The pre party


From this.....

To this in about an hour.